Thursday, February 6, 2020

Trash tells the tale of dysfunction

John Kindred led a masterful conversation about trash and how it is growing in the City of Long Beach.
Tonnage that comes down the LA River was the starting point of trash creation, single use and disposal and non-recycle-ables AND how trash in the environment - read Pacific Ocean - effect our lives and our health. Thank you John!

And if you have 2 minutes check out the YouTube "The Majestic Plastic Bag" - share with others. And remember to "just say no" when someone asks if you'd like a bag!

The class' circle analytics describes faulty expectations coupled with misunderstood roles and responsibilities. The next step is participating in some way: attend a City Council Meeting or Sustainable City Commission meeting LINK, or from the comfort of your sofa (all recycle-able material!) watch a council meeting on LBTV. Or coming up SOON attend a People's State of the City - where the people create the agenda.
PSOTC 2020 Square English.jpeg


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