Sunday, November 3, 2019

Let's Coach Others!

We can no longer wait for the system and services to meet us at our doorstep! In Long Beach, California we are offering training on being a Tai Chi Coach. It could be for anyone who would like to facilitate optimum movement with friends or in
their community. For those who've decided to take the are references/resources for the 2019 Class. Connect to for future opportunities.

Video References

A series funded through LB Community Action Partnership with Heart of Ida on basic movements with David Hennage, Certified Tai Chi Instructor in Tai Chi for Better Balance - a research based form.

A series created by Gretchen Swanson to focus on elements of a movement. On location in the City of Long Beach.

An online video that shows the movements of the 24-form 1) in slow motion and 2) from behind the instructor.

Research on Tai Chi and its Benefits

National Institutes of Health - Complementary and Integrative Medicine

A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits (2010)

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi (lay terms)

Using Tai Chi to Build Strength (summary article in NY Times 2018)

And in the end its all in the doing.