Thursday, March 9, 2017

None too late!

Today is a great day in Long Beach, California. Those that consider themselves 'seniors' now have a really cool and smart guide that is for them! All kinds of topics from lifestyle, services, inspirational stories.

I hope some who pick up this AGE WELL guide will start connecting with this blog and we can have a meaningful discussion of issues:
  • social welfare such as Social Security and Medicare
  • being a senior/older person in a culture of youth and celebrity
  • economic changes effecting one's financial outlook
  • housing
  • having fun and living to tell about it
I'm a physical therapist who spends much of my time on community health issues. I want my peers in age and interest to email me with "what's bugging me" and fill-in the blank. Then add a couple of possible actions you and others want to take. I'll publish and reflect these comments.

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